You’ve Got Questions - We’ve Got Answers

 What is your vendor policy?
River Garden features a flexible vendor policy so you are able to create an event that is uniquely yours!

Are there any preferred Vendors or Exclusive partnerships?
River Garden has partnered with some of the best vendors in Southern California (see our curated vendor list) as well as an exclusive bar and staffing relationship with our management company Common Sense Events to provide in house staffing and bar services for your convenience.

How long before my event can my vendors access the property?
Vendors can load in at 9 a.m. the day of your event, and can load out until 9 a.m. the following day.


Are there fees associated (for you or the vendor), and finally, what are the vendor’s insurance requirements?
At River Garden, we aren’t big on additional fees and up-charges. That's why you get an incredible, unique venue with premium rentals for up to 200 guests, lighting, trash disposal onsite, venue management, and security all included in your rental. We don't charge our vendors to be on the list and we give you a discount when you use all your vendors from our list. We always require proof of liability insurance, which any licensed vendor will have, anyway!


What is the venue capacity?
We can accommodate 300 guests for a seated event and much more for a cocktail style or standing event...party of 500 anyone? 


What is included in my rental vs. extra?
When you reserve River Garden, you get the venue for 24 hours, your very own personal Venue Manager and Beverage Consultant, and access to walk throughs every week on Tuesdays or by appointment with the Venue Manager! Our coordination services, bar services, Photo Booth, or additional rentals outside of what is included is an additional charge.


How many hours do I get?
24 hours. 10 a.m. the day of your event, until 10 a.m. the following day. The 24-hour rental gives you more than enough time to set up, party, and tear down.


Is there a the curfew?
Alcohol service must stop 30 minutes prior to event end. All guests and vendors must be off-site by midnight 12:00 a.m. Events must reduce music volume to lower than 60 dB by 10:00 p.m.


Can I come back in the morning and get my belongings? Can my vendors come back in the morning and get theirs?
Yes to al the above! We suggest someone take gifts, and any personal items, home the night of your event.


Who will be there the day of my event?
Your Venue Manager is your dedicated venue representative from the moment you book, until the end of your event. They are there to make sure the venue functions for your event. Our In-House Venue Security comes on site once the reception starts to ensure we have a dedicated person for facilities needs.


Our Coordination service is an additional fee, but is 100% worth it. Our coordinators give you your life back and make sure your event goes off perfectly. They will stay the entire evening, and handle everything from your
set-up and flip, to vendor logistics, to getting you down the aisle – even if your ceremony is offsite.


Where do my guests park?
Our venue has ample parking and space for approximately 200 cars. Your Venue Manager will be able to show you where we recommend parking.


When can we do a rehearsal?
You can typically rehearse the day before your event. Timing depends on if we have an event the day before. If there is an event booked, we do your rehearsal before 10 a.m. If we don’t have an event, we can be more flexible.


Do you have indoor space?
Not yet. Our Conservatory will be built in the spring of 2021 and we are excited to bring a hybrid “indoor/outdoor” feel to your wedding and event experience.


What is your “bad weather” plan?
We are able to move your wedding party under our conservatory with an easy flip and for most mild weather, our canopy will protect from light mist. We have a rain package with our rental partner as well and this can be available
from them upon request.

When do we make a ‘bad weather call’?
3 days before of your event, with confirmation day of the event.


Who handles set-up and clean-up?
Your vendors will typically handle set-up and remove what they bring to the venue. Clean-up (sweeping, mopping, bathrooms) is included in your rental fee; the client is only responsible for trash pick up. We do recycle, as well! If you book coordination with our team, your coordinator will handle your decor and all the clean-up responsibilities.
How should I layout my event?
We are excited to partner with AllSeated to give you and your vendors virtual planning capabilities. Your Venue Concierge will advise you on any do’s/ don’ts for your floor plan and some sample layouts we have seen work successfully in the past. We have plenty of outlets available throughout the venue as well to make set-up super flexible. All of the outlets and other venue features are labeled in our AllSeated layout.